2017-09-22 - Project Management

Project Management

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September 22, 2017 - News Post


Oh yeah, I’m bringing it up again.

If you’ve missed my blurbs on social media, and skipped everything I wrote on Tuesday, I am now running a Patreon campaign to grow this project.

If you like this comic (and you know you do), please consider throwing a few bucks my way. This is totally optional, but it will go a long way towards adding more content. I absolutely love writing this comic, but like all of you, I have demands on my time. I work full time, make apps part time, and instead of sleeping, I copy and paste my little comic. It sure would be cool to devote real time and effort into Don’t Hit Save.

I’d like to do conventions. That takes materials, money, and time.

I want to do publications. That takes software, money, and time.

Most importantly, I’m extremely interested in creating animated shorts. That takes equipment, software, money, and time.

You see where I’m going here. I’m only one person, and every little bit helps. In exchange, I have a whole slew of exclusive rewards for Patrons. Please check them out.

You can have this comic as it stands now, or something bigger and better. It’s truly up to you now. I hope you’ll consider backing me.