2017-11-10 - Apple's Big Win

Apple's Big Win

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November 10, 2017 - News Post

Hooray for Apple. After many years of battling in court, they’ve definitively won $119.6 million from Samsung for "swipe to unlock" and "quick links". The case had flipped and flopped for years between each side, until the supreme court decided this week not to hear Samsung's appeal.

It's a common tactic in the tech industry to make barge-loads of cash from patent disputes. Truly a triumph for innovation.

Speaking of triumphs and accomplishments, I am thrilled to announce the completion of a lifelong goal.

Since childhood, I've had a dream floating in the back of my mind. This dream was so unrealistic, so ambitious, so fanciful, I didn't even know it existed... until now.

A few nights ago, I ate food in a restaurant

Listening to a song about food while eating food is an indescribable experience. I mean, I guess I just described it that sentence, but still.

There are few perfect moments in life. This was one of them.

It's a shame you missed it.