2018-02-16 - Google Chrome Blocks Annoying Ads

Google Chrome Blocks Annoying Ads

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February 16, 2018 - News Post

Oh Google, you’ve made my life better in many many ways, and I rely on your technology in nearly every aspect of my life.

Yes, some digital marketing practices are terrible. The internet desperately needs advertising standards, and your browser market share puts you in a position to actually address these issues… it sounds perfectly reasonable for Chrome to start filtering ads for us.

But you must admit, this move is at least 5-10% evil.

C’mon, we all know it. You’re not fooling anyone. It’s a teeny tiny bit self-serving. Don’t play innocent... we can see your evil little grin. We see your fangs gleaming in the light.

Anyway, I’m not going to write my whole news post to Google.

How are you, readers?

Things are good on my end. I’m making progress on some secret comic stuff. Look for that in a few months… or don’t, it’s supposed to be secret. In the meantime, I’ve been following a few other webcomics.

Thank you to King of Slackers for once again throwing me in a cameo appearance this week. I can barely be seen in the background, but it still feeds my ego. Those comics rarely cease to disturb me.

For those of you who read The DaneMen comics, David Daneman is running a Kickstarter to publish a collection of his comics. You should check that out, and possible throw him a few bucks. I know I did (I obviously didn’t give too much… I have a comic of my own to run).

That’s pretty much all I wanted to bring up. I hope you have a good weekend, and that you enjoy the new filtered ad experience in your Chrome browser. I’ll be here, watching my comic drop to the bottom of all future Google searches.