2015-10-13 - It's Like Reading In A Car

It's Like Reading In A Car

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October 13, 2015 - News Post

Happy Tuesday!

I spent part of the weekend working on an oculus rift prototype for the LeapMotion 3d Jam. I have no idea if I'll get it ready in time, but it inspired me to catch up on VR best practices and to watch some talks that I missed while at Unite. There's some decent stuff out there.

When I was done working, I made the mistake of trying out a new game in VR. I managed to get today's comic out of it, buuuut it was not a fun experience. I've had the Oculus Rift DK2 for months, using it to build up my tolerance and avoid motion sickness, but this latest game seriously messed me up. I don't wish to name the game itself because it's a small indie publisher, and the problem is by no means unique to them. It was a great game in 2d, but the uneven floors and rapid motion took its toll on my senses. I really hope some of these issues get resolved by the time VR devices hit the market.

So that was my weekend, a nice mix of being productive and screwing around until I got sick. I wasn't the only one being productive, however. There's a guy I work with, let's call him Ritchie, who just had his first app published in the Google Play store this week. It's a meditation app called Mahkra, made with Unity. You should check it out.

That's about it for today. Hope all is well with you.