2016-07-08 - Hotkeys


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July 8, 2016 - News Post

I've been filling late night work sessions by watching old DVDs of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Sealab 2021. If you haven't seen the shows, they used short clips of decades-old footage of children's cartoons to create delightful (if somewhat dated) entertainment for immature adults.

Space Ghost holds up a lot more than Sealab, but in both cases, there's something truly wondrous about how much they are able to do with so little. The finished product is clearly larger than the sum of its parts, and the copy-and-paste comic artist in me certainly appreciates that.

Speaking of which, I'm exploring software options for a possible animated version of this comic. Any input would be welcomed. I'm thinking a mix of After Effects, Flash, and Toon Boom Harmony. But Harmony might be an expensive overkill. Has anyone out there used it before? Hit me up on the contact form. I'd love to hear your thoughts.