2016-08-05 - Preparing For The Future

Preparing For The Future

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August 5, 2016 - News Post

I have two hours until my wife flies back into town. I should probably clean, get some work done, at least do the dishes, but I wont... DOOM is calling out to me.

If you haven't played it, DOOM is a plot-free modern reimagining of the first person shooter from the early 90's... and it's beautiful in every way. I could play this for months without stopping, but as someone who tells people that he's busy all the time, I also love the the fact that it's a game that I can pick up for a few minutes at a time in between writing webcomics or whatever it is that I do.

Oh hey, speaking of webcomics, are you guys reading Molly Beans? It's sorta like my comic but with a plot, quality art, characters you care about, and a better grasp of software development. You should be reading it. Molly is celebrating 6 months of making comics today, go there and tell her I sent you (just speak directly into your screen).

That's about it from the world of Jeff. I now have 1 hour and 52 minutes to fill with DOOM, and writing anything more to you would stand in the way of that.

Stop standing in my way!