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First Projects

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November 18, 2016 - News Post

How many times can you hit your head before it becomes a problem?

I've been on a rare streak in the last month or so, clocking my skull about a dozen times. Some of these incidents have been pretty funny to watch, others not so much.

I'm a bit taller than the average American, coming in at 1.97 m (6'5"). That's juuuuuust tall enough to knock into things that most people's heads happen to clear.

Basements, signs, and low hanging pipes can be annoying, but there's nothing worse than a low doorframe. I see a doorframe and my mind automatically makes the bold assumption that I should be able to walk through. As someone who's been clunking his head since his teen years, you think I'd watch where I was going by now… sadly, doorframes are deviously deceptive.

Low enough, and I'll duck every time. But there is a magic height between my eye level and the top of my head. If the door falls in that range, I will inevitably misjudge its height, see an open passage, and clunk, gouge, or scrape my melon on the way through. It's usually pretty funny, but not today.

Today, the shower doorframe drew its first blood, and I'm growing tired of this sort of thing.

With my extensive readership of literally dozens of people, there must be someone out there who is a head doctor or some sort. I need to know the implications of this. So please, in your professional opinion:

Is it healthier to take my rage out on the doorframes, or the head that hits them?

Thank you.