2016-12-09 - Magic Leap

Magic Leap

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December 9, 2016 - News Post

If you haven't heard the news, Magic Leap (the famously secretive augmented reality startup) has fallen a wee bit behind on their mind-blowing technology. It turns out that they maaaaaay have mislead people with a few claims, including their super fake, super fancy video demonstration. Oops.

I'm sure this will not be my last comic on the subject of vaporware. This happens a lot in the tech/gaming industry. Anyone can make a fake demo. The real trick is actually making a "magic leap" forward in technology (or is it getting money out of people? I always forget).

So hello! How are you, internet? I'm nearly caught up on all of your messages. If you've written to me using the contact form, and I haven't responded by the end of this weekend, assume I thought your message was spam or that I despise you (I'm looking at you, Davenport... and not because I thought your message was spam).

Is the contact form too much of a pain? Should I add a place for comments? Let me know, because I hate to think for myself. I'm leaning toward no, so only your angry comments through my contact form could possibly convince me that you should be able to post angry comments on the website.

I'll let everyone know the results in a week or two (when I get around to reading my messages).  

Oh, speaking of reading, I have my wife to thank for finding today's news item. I probably would've missed it entirely due to my illiteracy. Thanks, lady!

I'm going to say “see you Tuesday” to almost everyone now because the last two lines of today's news post are meant exclusively for that wife of mine. I can never remember if she reads this website, but I have my doubts that she'll do so in the next 72 hours. If you know her, and you probably do, please refrain from mentioning the following words until the weekend is over. Thanks!

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