2017-02-21 - Moving Around

Moving Around

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February 21, 2017 - News Post

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s comic is slightly less of a lie than usual. I’m very much looking into changing up my desk at the house. Adding wheels is at the top of my list. It can be nice to have a change of scenery.

Contrary to comic Jeff, I actually have a standing desk. I like to think on my feet, and being able to step back and pace at any time is a big part of my workflow. I made the switch from sitting to standing about 5 years ago, with no plans to change that in the near future. I mention this not only to shatter your elaborate and sexy fantasies of how I work, but also because the standing desk brings up issues of stability. I wouldn’t want my desk to fall over (note: I had several puns about my computer “crashing” that I decided to leave out. You’re welcome).

I may need a new desk to accommodate my much-needed wheels. My last two were cobbled together from ikea parts to create what I needed. Let’s hope that the standing desk market has changed in 5 years.

Anyway, that’s it. I need to go to bed soon. I had a lot of technical difficulties with my internet connection. Apologies for getting this comic up so very very late in the day.