2017-06-13 - Promises


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June 13, 2017 - News Post

App work, work work, housework… these are the things keeping me busy as of late.

Meanwhile, certain other artists out there are doing outstanding stuff for their comics. These “friends” of mine probably care about their readers. I’m not so sure I suffer from that problem.

Josh Davenport, author of RGBros has been gradually improving his artwork in recent months. He’s been upping his game by drawing old characters from new angles, fancy new expressions, and more elaborate backgrounds. Since I firmly believe that drawings of comic characters should never ever improve after the first strip, this is deeply upsetting to me.

Dan Sacharow, writer of Molly Beans has added a new YouTube video, Molly checking her voice messages. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this first. What a great way to do a video without new art. Shame on me for not doing it before him. Still, at least it’s not like it's my favorite video of his.

Finally, Tobey from King of Slackers has gone to great lengths to add a new character to his strip. I'm not sure I approve of this method. If that’s what it takes, I doubt I’ll be adding any new characters anytime soon. Still, it's pretty clever.

Go check those sites out. Tell them I said hello.

I’ll be back on Friday to gripe or ramble on about whatever nonsense is going on in my life. See you then!