2017-12-15 - Blocking And Throttling (A Net Neutrality Tale)

Blocking And Throttling (A Net Neutrality Tale)
Blocking And Throttling (A Net Neutrality Tale)

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December 15, 2017 - News Post

Well, it’s official: the FCC has done away with Net Neutrality.

Despite a letter from 18 Attorneys General from around the country asking for delays, despite the possibility of up to 2 million fraudulent comments submitted to the FCC, the commission voted 3-2 yesterday to repeal net neutrality. Ajit Pai, The FCC chair, did not bother to address the faked comments. Here's his full statement made just before the vote (as quoted in the comic).

And if you think today’s comic is funny, don’t worry. The hilarity has been going on for weeks:

Here’s a “PSA” from Chairman Pai (a former Verizon employee). Watch as he dresses up and dances, explaining how all our favorite outdated memes will still be possible with a heavily throttled internet. (2017-12-12 9:30 am edit: His video was removed due to copyright claim. Here's a description of what you missed.)

The video doesn't just oversimplify his opponent's case, but mocks it as well. Hysterical! Just what we want from a public servant.

Here he is again, joking about colluding with telecoms. He even does a rib-tickling skit with Verizon senior VP Kathy Grillo, where they joke about installing him in the FCC as a “Verizon puppet.”

What fun and priceless moments! That Ajit sure has the public’s best interest at heart.

I wonder what industry he’ll work in when he retires from the FCC.