2018-01-05 - Intel's CPU Security Flaws

Intel's CPU Security Flaws

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January 5, 2018 - News Post


I want to write petty little jokes about laziness, writing code, and coworkers being mean to one another. Why why why is the tech industry constantly in the news for its cartoonishly crappy behavior?

Today’s comic was tricky to write. I like Intel. When they’re not introducing security flaws into nearly every device on earth, they make great products that I’ve used for years.

As a developer, I have a long relationship with them. Before I got into Leap Motion, I was heavily into gesture recognition using Intel’s RealSense 3D Camera technology. These days, their absolutely outstanding Graphics Performance Analyzer is an essential tool when I’m testing my apps. I know a lot of people who work there, and full disclosure, they’ve even given me a few devices to test on in the past.

So when news broke that Intel’s CEO did something shady a week after I did a comic about Apple’s CEO, it was extremely tempting to just let it go. I feel like I’ve been making too many news-related comics anyway. But because my comic mostly about crappy people doing crappy things, this seemed too important to pass up.


Next week, I’m going to start upgrading and adding content this website. Thank you to all of my patrons for helping make that possible. Look for some minor changes soon. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get to post the comic I wanted to do today.